Throughout COVID we have committed to providing the same reliable service to our customers. 


We now use both Royal Mail and Hermes for shipping your orders, you can choose your preferred service at checkout. 


PLEASE NOTE: When your order reaches you things will be slightly different when your package is delivered.




Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK we’ve put in place a number of measures to protect our customers as well as our parcel people, so we can make sure that our business is as prepared as possible.


We would like to reassure you that we’re actively following all government guidelines as health and safety remains the top priority across our business to protect our customers and our people.


Public Health England has advised that people receiving parcels are not at increased risk of contracting the virus as it doesn’t survive long on non-metallic surfaces.


There is a longer processing period for our delivery services which means your delivery could take a few days longer than expected and you will see some differences in how your courier will go about delivering your parcel from now on as we reduce physical contact.



There’s a lot that is still unknown about the Coronavirus but we know it’s best to minimise physical contact to stop the virus spreading. Because of this, we’re encouraging all of our customers to choose their preferred safe place for deliveries by following the Track & Divert link in the parcel notifications we send.


If a safe place hasn’t been chosen but there is somewhere safe to deliver the parcel, we’ll leave it there, even if there’s someone in the property – we’ll take a photo which will be included in the delivery notification email.


If no safe place is available or a signature is required, we’ll knock on the door and step aside making sure the parcel is delivered safely. For those parcels requiring a signature, couriers have temporarily been given approval to confirm receipt on behalf of a customer; but only when that customer has answered the door and given them permission to do so. This has been put in place to minimise contact. If there is no answer, Hermes: the parcel will be returned to the depot and we will re-attempt delivery 3 times.


As a preventative measure, we will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures.


We’re encouraging our couriers to follow all government guidelines and take extra precautions by frequently wiping down regularly touched items such as handheld devices, mobile phones, handles and steering wheels.

During this time Secret Weapon UK accepts that ROYAL MAIL AND HERMES HOME DELIVERY will log the signature of the intended recipient and will take this to be a final confirmation that the order has been received by the customer.  



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